The collected edition of CHANGE is out today.




As of now, the first chapter of CHANGE is free on the  app and on  right here, and you can also download it entirely free of charge right here as a pdf: 

It’s apocalypse in Los Angeles; apocalypse as a universal event, apocalypse as a personal event. CHANGE is a SF action thriller that will, hopefully, bend your mind something fresh. 

And if, for some reason, you prefer acquiring your copy via Amazon, it’s available there as well, and you can get to it via this link.



"Change is a virtuoso book that hurls itself at every risk it can take with every tool the medium has to offer at its disposal."

— Comics Alliance

"My reading of Change provoked a philosophical detour where I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if William S. Burroughs was part of our generation and the answer is, through Kot, he kind of is."

— Comics Bulletin

"Kot, Jeske, Leong, and Brisson turn a daunting sci-fi horror story into a story of personal desperation and acceptance in a visual way that only comic books can get away with."

— Multiversity Comics

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    Yay, CHANGE is out! Check out the first chapter and buy the trade if you’re into it~
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